Why isn’t Tesla running a vehicle in NASCAR?

The last time I was in Austin, my son and I took the loop around the north end of town. Now, that’s not such a big deal except for the fact that it was the first time I have had a chance to see the new Tesla operation center. Right there on the east side of the road was one of the biggest factories I’ve ever seen. It’s long with shiny windows, and it’s white, very white. As we drove by it seemed the structure went on and on and on and on.
A thought hit me, “Why doesn’t Tesla have a racecar?” Well, maybe they do, and I don’t know about it. However, I’ve never seen one. I used to be a big NASCAR fan, but I’ve drifted away through the years. I lost interest when I was with a group that got caught in a 7 hour traffic jam one night after the Texas 500 in Ft. Worth.
I mean, come on Mr. Musk. Why haven’t you thought of that? Is it because of the bureaucracy of the race world? Is it because of money? Is it because of all the crazy fans? Or is it because you are a little intimidated? I doubt if it is any of those reasons. I bet it’s because it just never has come up in conversation.
Think about it. Talk about electric vehicles comes and goes. Everybody, just about everybody, is interested in it. Why not put an electric car in the greatest racing organization in the world? I bet it would turbocharge NASCAR and the sporting world.
I don’t want to hear anything about an electric car division, though. No Elon, you have to run with the big boys. Let’s see how it would go. I’m sure, at first, Tesla would struggle. However, it would probably only take time before that Model S started trading paint with the best of em. No question, America would be watching. It would also speed up the technology race. Would they charge the battery or replace the battery? Could it handle the stress? What would be the colors? Who would be the driver? It would be a blast!

Gerald Ray

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