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Life is a race. But sometimes, it doesn’t have to be. By rushing success, we fail to see the little things that matter along the way. By learning what matters on this journey, you’ll be able to get there better. 

Shifting your energy and mindset is a challenging thing to do. After all, we are wired to receive instant gratification out of something that we’ve been anticipating. And so we feel pressured when we look at people around us succeeding left and right. Being pressed for time is not a good feeling either. By constantly hurrying to get somewhere on time, we become blind to what we genuinely need the whole time.

Unfortunately, it’s become a thing for many. They say that when something is rushed, it can be done quicker. It also ticks another box of your endless lists of pending tasks. However, it’s okay to pine for success. It’s a good thing to have because your ambition will surely take you to many places. The pace and manner in which you do it might be another matter.

Just like what happened during the great California Gold Rush in 1848, it was a time when people were at an extremely high to get lucky. Traveling from different parts of the land, they rushed to dig up gold to get rich. You can glimpse it in the book Ox in the Culvert by Gerald Brence. The California gold rush in Brence’s book is a perfect example of what happens when you try too much to succeed in a short span. 

That’s why we must learn to slow down and take a moment. Let’s absorb the following principles for succeeding at the right speed.

Success doesn’t happen overnight.

Nothing good has ever happened by rushing success. It’s been proven time and time again. Reaching one’s peak at the speed of light won’t work for anyone, and that’s okay. Life was meant to be treaded slow and steady, and living according to this rule guarantees sustainability. Being more mindful of one’s success steps is also a healthy way to become self-aware. You might become blindsided by the shining temptation of instant success otherwise.

Hearing stories from people who have achieved greater heights is inevitably inspiring. If you’ve listened to how they got to where they are, their moments of triumph and failure serve as excellent examples of why you shouldn’t be rushing success. Vague descriptions such as hard work, determination, focus, and help from others make a typical recipe, don’t they?

You might’ve yet to hear of this, but collaboration and assistance from others to succeed were and will always be correct. Others may say the opposite, but asking for help is the best way to achieve your goals. And the journey is quicker than you thought it was. Ask any successful person how long they took, and you’ll feel burdened by the answer.

Stop rushing success – live life the way you see fit.

Sprinting too far and you’ll get injured. Walk lightly, and you’ll smoothly arrive. Stress can get the best of us because we want to enjoy the fruits of our labor. Our innate fight-or-flight response is triggered by the feeling of doom leering over us. That’s because we’re still out and have much catching up to do. It’s normal to feel that way. However, what you do with it will test how you’ll succeed in the long run.

We’re already stressed enough at the thought of succeeding instantly, so we resort to rushing success. But sadly, that also creates more stress on our end. Envy and resentment grow when we see that everyone else is thriving in life too quickly. That is when we impose unrealistic deadlines, pushing us to the edge. We continually stress out when hurrying to succeed, so remember, it’s an unhealthy cycle unless we choose to break it.

What to do when you start rushing

Many of you may feel anxious and uneasy when you start slowing down. After all, you’re rushing success without plans of stopping anytime soon. Had you done that, even a tiny rock on the pavement would make you fall. Avoid hurting yourself by practicing mindfulness in every step.

Utilize the ability to pause. Many mistakes are made when you fail to look carefully at where you’re going. Whether it’s work or relationships, jumping the gun is more effortless than aiming with a steady hand. Prioritize self-care, always considering high-quality rest when you feel you’re going too fast. You’ll feel the positive results when you start taking things slow.

Divide and conquer, but efficiently. Taking up much work for yourself is an excellent way to prevent stress from seeping into your life. Budgeting your priorities results in real productivity. Remember to breathe and take your time towards achieving success.

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